The hard drive shredding process, performed by Marshall Shredding

Hard Drive Shredding Process Explained

Let’s Clarify the Process of Hard Drive Shredding Service

You’ve hired a paper shredding company, and the staff  is thrilled with the level of security and streamlined services. However, you may also have a stack of old hard drives piling up in the next room. Electronics are just as sensitive as paperwork when it comes to theft and security breaches. Simply hitting the “delete” button doesn’t change much in the memory of these devices. Explore the process of a hard drive shredding service to understand the difference between deleted vs destroyed.

Picked Up and Documented

Your Dallas professionals normally pick up your electronic devices from your business. Simply have the items stacked in a common area that’s secure until they arrive. The workers can take over the security after you provide access to area. They’ll initially document the quantity along with any serial numbers on the drives. You’ll need to verify that all of this information is correct before the workers can remove the items from the premises. At the same time, you can also hand over your paper shredding pile in order to streamline the process.

Security during Transport

There should be no compromises when it comes to security during hard drive shredder transport. Your hard drives are vulnerable to theft as long as they’re in one piece. They’ll take a short trip between your business and the shredding facility. The transport vehicles are entirely safe and secure with locking mechanisms for every drive on board. In many cases, the drives are now more secure than they were in an office environment. A hard drive shredding service aims to drive to only a few offices at a time so that the items are quickly returned to a secure facility.

Entering the Hard Drive Shredding Service Facility

As Dallas workers finally arrive at the shredding company, they’ll carefully unload the items. They’ll match the items to the documented serial numbers, which verifies that every device is accounted for at the end of the road. Workers carefully move the drives into a secure area where the devices are destroyed immediately. There is no “storage” of this sensitive data for any period of time.

The Destruction Process

Although your paper shredding is completed at the office, hard drive disposal services typically complete your hard drive destruction at their secure facility. There are certain circumstances where they could be destroyed at your business location but this is rare.  The drive is crushed so that any information is impossible to pull off of the device. The destruction process goes even further by cutting the crushed pieces into random sizes. When all of these items are mixed together in a huge container, thieves will never be able to piece together the information.

Where the Parts Go Afterward

Filling local landfills isn’t the goal of a reputable shredding company. These quality companies actually recycle the parts. Metals, including aluminum and gold, are incredibly valuable to manufacturers. These parts are broken down, recycled and formed into brand-new products. Recycling the parts saves money, reduces strain on the metal industry and keeps your information out of the wrong hands. You can do something good for your company and the environment.

Ideally, your paper shredding company can also process hard drives. Be aware that you typically can’t have on-site hard drive shredding services. The processing machines are much too large and heavy to transport around town. As long as the hard drive shredding service is licensed and bonded, you should have a trustworthy company to work with on a regular basis.

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