Mobile Shredding Company: Why You Should Go with Professionals

Shredding old and no longer needed documents may sound like a straightforward process. You take the documents, place them in a shredder, and you’re finished. Or, you may simply toss them in a recycling bin and assume they make their way to the facility. Neither of these actions will help protect that information, however. That data could easily leak into the public and cause serious repercussions for your business. Here are some reasons why you should hire a mobile shredding company to handle your document destruction.

Legal Obligations

No matter what type or size of business you are, there are important privacy laws that govern your use of confidential information. HIPAA and FACTA are just two, and there may be many more depending on your specific sector. Documents that contain personal information that you are no longer using must be securely destroyed. If you only use your office shredder or the recycling bin, you will open yourself up to possible legal ramifications. Onsite document shredding from a professional mobile shredding company will help ensure that documents are completely destroyed and that the information is not recoverable.

Keep Your Business Secureonsite document shredding

An office shredder will help you shred documents, but it does not guarantee the security of the information. Those documents can be reconstructed. A professional shredding company uses an industrial shredder that cross-cuts the paper and makes it impossible to reconstruct the pages. Using an office shredder is also tedious work that can be very time-consuming for the staff. Onsite document shredding makes it simple. All you do is deposit documents into a locked receptacle, and the company does the rest. Make sure to do your business with a certified service provider, so that you have the extra peace of mind you need.

Using a Mobile Shredding Company is Convenient

Mobile shredding services keep things convenient and easy for everyone. Receptacles are placed in multiple locations in the office. Staff members simply put the paper in the receptacles. They don’t even have to remove staples or paper clips. These bins are always kept locked, so no one can gain access to the information stored within. Then the company will come by your location with its truck and do onsite document shredding right there on your property. They can even provide you with a destruction certificate that signifies that everything was destroyed completely.

It’s Cost Effective

Outsourcing anything might seem like an extra expense that you don’t need. However, outsourcing exists so that you can get something done properly without having to spend your own time and resources doing it. You might think it would be cheaper to have your staff handle their own document destruction. However, with legal ramifications, that might not be the safest route. Also, you are spending money on salaries for your employees.  Shouldn’t that money be spent on staff spending their time on what they were hired for?  Once all of that is factored in, hiring a professional service can often by around half the cost of doing it yourself.

By hiring out your shredding needs, you will also be able to access the other services from the mobile shredding company you choose. Marshall Shredding can provide you not just with document shredding, but with hard drive shredding as well. Contact us today to keep your information safe and secure.

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