Residential shredding services help protect your credit

Protect Your Credit Score With Residential Shredding

Average Austin residents may not think of shredding services for their everyday bills, but they should stop and think about its importance. Each day the mail is full of bills and other sensitive information complete with Social Security numbers and other identification specifics. If residential shredding services were used more often, they could definitely contribute to a better credit score.

Accurate Credit History

Proper shredding services contribute to accurate credit histories. Consumers’ histories record all good and bad credit decisions and payment patterns. If there’s fraudulent behavior on an individual’s account, that information will mar the history record. Consumers must work with authorities to change and correct these false reports. A better credit score results with an unblemished history without any need to alter it.

Low Fraud Potential with Residential Shredding Services

Criminals with a complete credit card number can easily charge hundreds of dollars within a few hours, damaging credit scores significantly. Residents may not know their information was stolen because the card is still in their wallet, for instance. With local shredders visiting neighborhoods, those sensitive receipts and other statements cannot be used to damage scores. They’ll be shredded too quickly to be useful to any criminals. Those shreds are even taken away with care so no one can piece together a statement for fraudulent purposes.

Shredding Frequency

Credit scores cannot improve if residents aren’t consistent about shredding. If they throw away sensitive paperwork one week and shred the next week, fraud could be a reality in the near future. Residents should make paperwork piles and shred once a week or month. Shredding frequency needs to be consistent based on the household’s paperwork accumulation.

Shredders Visiting Neighborhoods

Take advantage of document shredders moving through the neighborhood. Residents usually watch the shredding process, ensuring that all information is destroyed immediately. Avoid any mobile shredders that simply collect paperwork to shred later. The information may be shredded at some point, but data could be stolen in the meantime. It’s best for a shredder to destroy all documents, ensuring a strong credit score.

Always research shredding services before working with any business. There could be fraudulent services trying to gain more clients to use their information. Reputable residential shredding services should not analyze or stare at customer information as it’s being destroyed. The best shredders in the neighborhood are efficient and often have a busy schedule to take care of everyone.