What Shredding Companies Suggest To Declutter Your Office

shredding companiesWe are now well into the new year. A lot of people consider the start of another year to be a great time to start new and to reset. Often, a part of that is decluttering your office. Not only does it make it easier to keep your space organized and help with work productivity, but shredding companies will tell you that it can also keep your information safer. Sometimes it can be daunting to even get started, however. Lucky for you, here are some tips to help you declutter your workplace and keep your information organized and safe.

Drawers, Files, and Cabinets

Drawers and cabinets can become a catch-all for everything you use that you don’t know what to do with. That means office supplies, personal papers, junk and everything in between can be hiding behind those doors. The best thing to do is to simply take everything out of them, and sort them into two piles. You should have one pile for the things that you don’t need or won’t use, and another pile for those that you do. Put the useful stuff back in the drawer, and dispose of, recycle, or put the other items back where they belong.

Clear Away the Floor Clutter

Sometimes it’s the floor that is cluttered, often with personal items, as opposed to your desktop. Things like shoes, gym bags, purses and other items that find their way to work should be picked up and placed behind closed doors in a closet or cabinet. Put hooks up for coats and bags so they stay off the floor. This will make your office look much tidier.

Shredding Companies Keep Sensitive Information Secure

Sometimes you might find that papers are piling up and you’re not sure what to do with them. You can put them in a recycle bin, but then they might be sitting around in an unsecured place until someone empties the bin. A company that specializes in document destruction services can install a secure bin in your workplace so that you have a convenient spot to discard all your papers and not just the ones with potentially sensitive information.

Digitize Itshredding companies, document destruction services

Converting your documents to digital form might also help with reducing the clutter. Make sure that you have a clear and functional organizing system on your computer, and you can store files there. Make sure to create regular backups in case of any computer issues. Some shredding companies, such as Marshall Shredding, offer hard drive shredding services along with document destruction services to make sure your old hard drives are completely unusable once you’re finished with them.

Keep Up with Destruction Dates

There are some documents that you might not need to keep after a certain time frame. Once that time has passed, clear out space in your filing cabinets or storage closets by having them professionally destroyed. You should regularly assess your old files to see what can be discarded and what must be kept. This will clear up space in those storage spots for more current files.

A cluttered office can add stress and discomfort to an already hectic workday. Keeping your office decluttered and organized can help with your productivity and keep any sensitive information safe. Document shredding companies can help you dispose of documents that you no longer need and give you advice on how to keep your office decluttered.

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