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The Top 5 Signs You Need On-Site Paper Shredding

These days it’s vital to take extra steps to secure private information. Crooks are becoming more clever in obtaining classified information. However, there’s one form of thievery that’s stayed the same: collecting discarded trash. According to studies, most fraud and identity theft comes from lost or stolen paper information.

Private information that gets into the wrong hands is a huge problem for businesses. With that said, if your company is experiencing any of the signs below, it’s time to get on-site paper shredding services:

1. Drowning in Paper

Is your office full of clutter? Maybe there are old manuals or reports lying around that need to be discarded. If that’s your situation, paper shredding services can help.

Instead of tossing paperwork around the office, on-site paper shredding ensures that confidential information is put into a safe container and shredded by a trusted party. It’s the easiest, safest way to clean up the work environment.

2. Stressed About Compliance

Is your business expected to keep up with various regulations like HIPAA, the GLB Act, or FACTA? If that’s the case, you must handle office paperwork with care.

When you don’t know what to do with shredded paper, let the pros handle it. Paper shredding companies can ensure that you adhere to regulations and avoid the consequences of non-compliance.

3. Worried About Security

Why would you continue to feel nervous about security, when you don’t have to? By using on-site paper stressing services, you can ensure the safety of confidential documents.

These days, you not only have to worry about personal identity theft and fraud, but business identity theft as well. Individuals target businesses, and so do competitors. Many companies become the victim of corporate espionage when they are careless with security measures.

4. Peace of Mind

When your business is properly discarding paperwork, you can breathe. It allows the company to focus on other tasks without thinking about theft and other issues. By using on-site paper shredding, you’ll feel good knowing that your company is taking strides to protect the overall well-being of the business.

But, if you don’t have peace about the way paperwork is currently handled, that’s a sign that your company needs paper shredding services.

5. Going Green

Can shredded paper be recycled? Absolutely! If you’re thinking of taking your business in a more eco-friendly direction, paper shredding is the answer. Not only will private company information be protected, but recycled as well. It’s a win-win!


Take Advantage of Professional On-Site Paper Shredding

Does your business need on-site paper shredding services? If so, Marshall Shredding can help. Our on-site shredding trucks are four times quicker than the average industry standards. We also provide additional safety by including cameras and video monitors within the trucks.

Furthermore, we give security containers and offer e-waste shredding services as well. If you have any questions, call us at 1-866-487-4733 or request a free quote online.

We look forward to helping your business stay safe and secure.